Marcus A. Gordon works at the intersections of digital architecture, visualization, holography, digital art and photography. He explores the relationship between light and form in architecture to produce aesthetic experiences that induce the occurrence of discovery in both virtual and physical spaces.  



2018    User-Centered Taxonomy for Urban Transportation Applications, HCI 2018 Conference Proceedings.

2017    Visualizing the Sociotechnical System as an Urban Democratic Resource, RSD6 2017 Proceedings.

2017    MFA Thesis, Habitat 44º - The Art of Reconstruction, Marcus A. Gordon, OCAD University, Toronto

2017    Analyzing Student Travel Patterns With Augmented Data Visualizations. In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems 2017 Jun 10 (pp. 172-176). ACM.

2016    Creative techniques handbook 2015, Digital Futures, OCAD University.


2018    Liminal Forms MFA Thesis Exhibit, Qi and North River, OCAD University Graduate Gallery, Toronto

2017    Sites of Reconstruction Exhibit, Latimer's Box, Ignite Gallery, Toronto

2017    MFA Thesis Exhibition, Habitat 44º, OCAD University Black Box Lab, Toronto

2016    Holomentis, OCAD University Main Lobby, Toronto

2016    Signals, Artscape Gilbraltar Point, Toronto Island

2016    Spectrality, OCAD University, Toronto

2015    Ruby, OCAD University Graduate Gallery, Toronto

2014    5 Stages of Sleep, Portrait of Your Mind Gallery, Toronto

2013    T.O. Skyline Project, Insomnia Lounge, Toronto


2018    World Café, Compara and VIZLAND Café, iCity-ORF Research Day, University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute

2017    Make Change ConferenceHabitat 44º Thesis Talk, Design Exchange, Toronto

2017    Art for Tomorrow Panel Discussion, Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM), William Doo Auditorium, University of Toronto

2017    CREATE DAV Summer School, Prototyping the Comparative Methodology, OCAD University Auditorium


2017    MFA, Digital Futures, OCAD University, Toronto

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